Your Automated Process Needs Solenoid Valves

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Flexibility. Elegance. Toughness.
Can your automated performance functions use a little more of these qualities?
Only solenoid valves provide the ingenious design and unparalleled durability that is the driving force behind the best-engineered automation processes on the globe.

Industries Rely on Solenoid Technology
Solenoid valves have an overarching impact on a vast array of industries and enterprises that fuel the economies of planet Earth. The strength and versatility of these valves has made them a crucial component of automated systems, and thus has poised this vessel as a critical part of output of essential products.

Solenoid valves are a commonly-used component for heavy industrial processes. They are able to stand up to adverse natural environmental and climate conditions, as well as synthetic production environments. These tough valves are designed so that they can perform their function in water.


Solenoid valves also stand up to air exposure. They can also endure course and aggressive compounds like oil. This ability to maintain their integrity even under the cruelest of conditions makes them a stable and suitable choice for the toughest jobs on the planet.

See What These Valves Can Do
Solenoid valves are ideal for irrigation control. The diversity of what solenoid valves can accomplish is one of their greatest assets. Specified valves are able to automate water applications and provide a controlled performance of fluid application.

Solenoid valves are routinely depended upon for automated processes involving marine and aquatic conditions, agricultural automation, and heavy industrial output.

Energy efficiently is on every mind in the industrial field. From cost savings to environmental concerns, being efficient is the bottom line when selecting valves and components. Solenoid valves help create a streamlined process for automated systems.


The right valves can manifest an energy-saving latch valve for efficiently releasing air and water. Smoother output and less waste means a streamlined bottom line and a movement towards satisfying environmental compliance.

High-octane processes that involve volatile elements like water, oil, and air pressure can all count on the reliability and performance of solenoid valves to work when it counts and stay working when safety and efficiently are crucial.

Sourcing Your Valves from a Trusted Leader
Where you source your solenoid valves from makes a difference in peace of mind and quality. It is important to select a solenoid provider that specializes in a multitude of automated production tools.

Special consideration should be made to find a company with a global presence, to ensure that their sales staff is qualified and knowledgeable about the ever-growing importance of international compliance and best practices.

Additional consideration should be made for companies which hold gained ISO-9001 : 2000 certification for all of their products, as well as having reached the standard of ISO 14001 certification for environmental quality control.

If flexibility, elegance, and toughness, are qualities that will bring enhanced performance to your automated processes, solenoid valves are the channel through which to achieve them. Let the unparalleled performance of these valves go to work for you.