Theme Matcher Review

Theme matcher is the easiest way to move HTML and CSS design to WordPress theme and use it on your website or blog.

While making a custom WodPress theme will cost some big bucks, tweaking and copying your current design to WP will cost you only $47 - a good deal, compearing to freelancer's or web agencies prices.

After testing the tool for free and reading all available Theme Matcher reviews, I've moved several static websites with it and never looked back.

It's not that we haven't technical issues: while making a theme for the second site on the list, I had some troubles with the horizontal menu layout, CSS tweaks (color when hovering links), Google map and the footer icons, that wasn't transfered with the tool. There is no way to do such task automatically :)

I have contacted the Theme Matcher support to help me, and they did everything as I have asked.

Actually, today with the new theme, the site even looking better than before and with WordPress CMS I am able to manage it without touching a line of code, including the footer widgets!

Professional Dude verdict:
It worth playing with it. Drop your URL in the form and tweak the tool, see what's possible and what's not.

Write down all the "what's not" and send to support to clearify if they will help you with that or not.

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