Moving HTML To WordPress

WordPress is perhaps the most popular content management systems (CMS) used all over the world. The system allows even the most basic webmaster to create static and dynamic website pages in a matter of minutes.


While traditional HTML sites may still attract companies that only need sites with static pages, a growing number of online businesses require their sites to have dynamic pages or blogs.


Many webmasters prefer to convert HTML to WordPress, because it provides many benefits as compared to traditional static sites. The site owner can update the content of website, conveniently. This is a feature that is not available in static sites that only provide static pages.


WordPress is a convenient format that makes website management and updating simple and easy. Thanks to the intuitive nature of WordPress, website owners can update their websites and blogs without extensive coding. Even better, WordPress themes allow websites to grow and change while maintaining consistency.

A basic WordPress site has four basic parts: the header, the main area, the sidebar and the footer. In order to create a theme that will contain all these four, the developer has to know how to code in PHP and CSS. However, not all people have the ability to code in PHP or write CSS. This is the reason why most site owners prefer to use free themes or buy premium themes from online stores.


Even though there are very many established WordPress themes available, it is often difficult or impossible to find a perfect match for an existing website. Faced with this reality, one might settle for a blog with a drastically different look and feel from one's main page. However, greater uniformity is needed for a more integrated, professional website experience.

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