Modlily Review


Easy Navigation For Online Shopping Convenience

ModLily is a popular online women's fashion shop that sells at wholesale prices. One of the best reasons for the site's popularity is its wide array of products and the cheap prices.


However, there are other things to love about this website. For example, it has a user-friendly interface, fast loading time, well-organized navigation and multi-language option.

Online shopping makes buying a lot more convenient than going to the actual store, but in there are too many shops on the Internet to choose from. Hence, it is very important for buyers to be very careful where they spend their money online.


While affordable prices and wide selection are usually sought by buyers, the entire website's navigability, technology, and other features should also be put into consideration.

Easy Navigation
Many shopping sites have very unorganized-looking interfaces, but makes shopping a lot easier by providing the user with a well-structured navigational interface. If you are looking to spend money on something nice, you can easily click on product categories and browse through the list of items provided. 

On the home page, you can check out some of the latest discount products that may interest you. The page is updated regularly to ensure that you get the hottest deals of the day. To make things even easier, the site provides categories for products that cost less than $8 and $15. If you are looking for a nice piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, but have limited budget, you'll know exactly where to click.

Shopping Search Engine
Sorting through hundreds of thousands of products on Modlily can be tiresome, but with the search engine provided on top of every page, you can easily look for specific products of interest. Although the search algorithm may not be as intelligent as Google, it gives a pretty easy way of finding diamonds in a mountain of sand.

Multiple Language Option
This is definitely a plus because it allows more people to shop conveniently. Not all people understand English very well and most people are more comfortable shopping at sites that support their native tongue.

Some of the languages supported by the site include French, Spanish, Russian and Indonesian. The site can also be translated into other languages using Google Translate.

Things to Improve
While the entire site is optimized well for the social media, it is not well-optimized for mobile use. Although the site looks okay on mobile devices, it can still be improved to ensure maximum mobile-friendliness.

Remember that almost 50% of online users use mobile devices nowadays. In addition, the icons at the bottom of the page should have links to the sites they represent in order to look genuine.

Final Word of the Review is definitely an excellent shopping website from technology point of view. This review was written before Modlily changed their name from "MartofChina", so it's possible that the quality of their service changed too. Please ask them to send you an actual photo of the product before you order, because most of the products are very cheap and may have a questionable quality level.