Standard Business Card Size Considerations

Standard business card size example

Business cards are still a vital form of communication in the corporate world. Business cards are used far more often than most people realize and a business card must be chosen for its size.

Anything could be printed on your business cards and you are looking for the most effective business card for your marketing.

Who Receives These Cards?
Business cards are given out in many different ways. You may hand out business cards to people you meet during the day, and you may give them out at networking functions. This is the simplest way to use business cards, but your business cards will blend in with others if you use the standard size.


Consider using a slightly larger business card that people cannot miss. The card sticks up above other cards, and customers may store the card in a unique place that makes them easy to find.

Do You Send Out Magnets?
Business card magnets are a common use for business cards that you may create yourself. A standard business card size makes for easy shipping, but the magnet is not large enough to be seen on the refrigerator. Families may lose the magnets because of their size, or the magnets may be dwarfed by other magnets that are larger.

Your magnets will be the largest magnets on fridges in your area if you choose larger business cards. A large business card is nearly the size of an index card, and it is larger enough to draw the attention of anyone in the room. Customers may not receive your business card on their own, but they may see the card at the home of a friend. This sort of marketing is no less effective than marketing done through other means.

Bulletin Boards
Local businesses keep bulletin boards where you may place your business card for community reference. A wise business owner uses a business card size that large enough to catch the eye of local customers. Tacking the business card on the board is made so much simpler when the card is large enough to be seen.

Local businesses run their contests in much the same way. Your business card goes in a bucket from which the business pulls a card. A card that is larger than the others, and it is easier to find in the bucket. You increase your chances of winning a lovely prize, but you also increase your chances of being noticed by people who witness the drawing.

Cash Register Marketing
The cash register of every local business near your office must have a stack of business cards representing your company. Choose the business card size that makes you noticeable, and ensure that your cards are replenished often. The careful selection of a large business card becomes moot when your cards are nowhere to be found. Local businesses that do not keep business cards by the register are a prime opportunity for you to be the first company represented.


Offer the business a small stand for cards in exchange for advertising your business with the cards. You are doing a favor to businesses in the area through your generosity, but your business still benefits.

Partner Businesses
You must partner with other businesses that do not compete with your own. Partners are given your business cards as a sign of support. You hand out some of their cards to your customers, and your partner hands out some of your cards. You and your partner business should have a different business card size to prevent confusion.

A business card is the first step in a business relationship, but the business card size determines how far that relationship goes. Choose your business cards carefully to accomplish your goals, and pick the cards that will meet your needs when you market your business.