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When you’re shopping at Amazon for the best oven mitts for your kitchen, you might consider the material that they’re made of, the sizes, shapes and colors that are offered, the manufacturer, and the cost vs the value of the product. In addition to reading this article, it’s also often helpful to see which oven mitts are the most popular and to read what others have said in their reviews of the products.


Through peer reviews, Amazon provides a gold mine of information that keeps customers well informed about the best products. A quick check of how many stars reviewers have given to a particular product can give you an instant gauge, but make sure that more than a few customers have provided that feedback. High ratings of 4-5 stars that represent hundreds to thousands of responses usually are reliable indicators of value.

Oven Mitts Stars

Unadulterated, organic cotton materials are the rising stars of best oven mitts for the kitchen as people become more aware of negative effects from agricultural uses of fertilizers and pesticides. Along with buying more organic foods, people are turning to oven mitts made with organic cotton.


About a quarter of global insecticides are employed in cotton fields. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, helping the environment and making it safer for farm workers as well as for organic product consumers. In addition, consumers who buy organic cotton oven mitts report that the cotton is softer and kinder to the hands.


While that may be true, since oven mitts are used externally, it’s probably not necessary to pay the cost for the best organic cotton oven mitts, about $20 per mitt, if money is tight. If you choose organic cotton for your best oven mitts, you might consider getting a natural color without non-organic dyes as well, such as this one:



Some oven mitts that are made of regular cotton are the least expensive at $8-10, usually for a set of two. They come in an array of styles that offer something for everyone. Let the buyer beware, however, that decorative oven mitts are not suitable for broiling or high heat uses. They are made for removing warm rather than hot items from the microwave or oven.

Regular cotton mitts are less expensive, but include a lot of different style choices. If you want to make a unique statement when you bring things from the oven, Boston Warehouse makes a variety of light duty quilted cotton mitts in unusual animal and other shapes.

Those include a cow, frog, moose, pig, fish, shark, kitten and lobster claw. Other shapes include flowers, watermelon slices and even baseball mitts for the fans in the family.

Oven Mitts Hot Shots

For the tough jobs like pulling items from the broiler, you’ll need a higher temperature rated mitt. I-Pure Items' thick, light best oven mitts are made of Aramid inside and out that is heat resistant to 932 degrees F. Almost all reviewers awarded five stars to these under $30 pairs of gloves featuring silicone non-slip surfaces. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Which oven mitts are the best? They're the ones that protect you, provide good value and the ones you’ll reach for and use. Keep them handy and you won’t get burned trying to use a thin kitchen towel instead.