3 Sites To Buy 3D Printer Designs On

You have your 3D printer set up. You’ve done a test run. Everything is running smoothly. But wait, there’s a problem… you have no idea how to create designs!

Never fear - others have already created them for you. For a small fee, that is. On this page, I’ll cover 3 of the best 3D printer design marketplaces, and you can pick the one that’s right for you based on what you need to print.

#1 - 3D Part Source
You know when you’re assembling something, and the manufacturer forgot to include that one vital piece? Usually, you’d have to order that single piece in the mail, then painstakingly wait as it was shipped to your dootstep.

With 3D Part Source, all of that trouble goes away. You just search for the shape you want, get the design, and print out your part. The only way this wouldn’t work is if you needed metal parts for some reason, and your printer only supported plastic.

#2 - CGTrader
CGTrader is a pretty cookie cutter marketplace, except for one thing - its “Request A Design” system. For some reason, designers on CGTrader are particularly active - as long as you know what you want and you describe it well, you’ll likely get a bid from a pro.

Keep in mind that these bids might not be cheap. Engineering is a high-paying field, and you’re basically hiring a freelance engineer.

#3 - Shapeways
The crowned king of 3D printing designs. If you need a design, it’s likely on Shapeways.
Shapeways was one of the first 3D design marketplaces, so naturally, it has one of the highest user counts. This means more designs in more categories for you to choose from.

But what they really got down was the filtering. Not all 3D designs are going to work for your printer - with their advanced filtering, you can see only the ones that are compatible.

And that’s about it - above are three 3D design marketplaces to take a look at. More exist, and you’re free to do your own research, but if you need something right away, your best bet is one of the top 3.